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Sexting Scandal Expels Colorado’s High School Football Team from Game

Written on September 22, 2015   By   in Local News

colorado football team

The officials investing the extensive case of sexting that had taken place at a Colorado high school has urged the parents to check their kids’ phones for illicit selfies and talk to them to make them clear of the risks that are involved if these photos go public.

The Canon City High School handed over one phone to the police with hundreds of images that the investigators will identify. A number of students were suspended, and the duration of the suspensions will last to protect their privacy.

colorado-high-school-leads-to-a-criminal-probeMany football players were also involved, and this made the school forfeit its final football game of this season that was scheduled over the weekend. The officials have stated that both boys and girls are involved in the sexting activity. The investigation started this Monday, and some people contacted the officials of the school. The state student safety hotline gave off a tip. A few details were released regarding the extent of the sexting activity at the school that has 1,000 students.

The police distributed a notice to the parents informing them about the applications that are used to hide the photos on the phones. They urged them to talk to their children as well. Also, the school is providing a counseling hotline to the students who are worried about getting into trouble for sexting.

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