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Louisiana: Two Officers Detained for 6 Year Old Boy’s Death

boy death

In Louisiana, two officers were detained as they were involved in the death of a six year old boy. The boy was autistic, and he was killed in a shooting. Even the father of the boy was wounded as the marshals fired their vehicle on Tuesday night. The incident took place in Marksville and Col. Mike Edmonson revealed a few details about this shooting on Friday. As per the body camera footage recovered from the officers, he stated that it is the most disturbing incident that he has seen.

The six year old was shot and killed. Also, his father, Chris Few was injured as the officers released fire on their vehicle. This was done as Few was fleeing from the officers. As per the Louisiana State Police, the officers have used two different guns for 18 rounds of fire. The two officers who are detained are Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr. They are booked on the charges of attempted second degree murder and second degree murder as well in the shooting.

boy-killed-louisiana-shootingThe state’s police are investigating the shooting that took place on Tuesday night from the start. It was stated by Edmonson that there was no weapon in Few’s vehicle. They are combing through the 911 calls, forensics evidence, analysis of the body camera footage and conducting interviews. The reason for the shooting remains unclear, he stated.

Earlier, Avoyelles Parish coroner stated that the officers were handing a warrant on Few, but Edmonson claims that he had no idea of the warrant. Morris German, the stepfather of Few, has accused the marshals. He claimed that they had opened fire indiscriminately on the vehicle. He stated that Few was sedated heavily, and he is unable to talk. The bullet fragments have been lodged in his lung and brain, he claimed.

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This Illinois Mom Saw Three Kids Drown, Demands New Family


In a horrifying incident, the prosecutors described the way three children who were trapped in the rear seat of their mother’s car drowned in 4.5 feet of water in a lake in Illinois. Their mother, Amanda Hamm and her boyfriend had escaped unharmed.

She was condemned of child endangerment, and she had served five years of imprisonment for watching him plot a plan to drown her children of six years, 3 years and 23 months of age in 2003 as they interfered the couple’s relationship, and his lifestyle. He was condemned for first degree murder, and he is imprisoned for life.

Now, in a twist, Amanda and her new husband are demanding the custody of their three children of five years, three years and 1.5 years of age. She gave birth to them after she served her five-year sentence. The child protection authorities took their custody in the last year as one of the doctors recognized Ware as Hamm.

children deathAs per a legal concept, “anticipatory neglect”, the court need not wait until a child is in danger. It can intervene before the child is harmed. Also, the parents cannot be claimed ineligible for the custody just because of their past. They need to prove that they are capable.

The prosecutors as well as child protection authorities state that though the children were not physically harmed, there is evidence of abuse and neglect. There is domestic violence by the couple, substance abuse, and mental illness of Amanda Ware for which she has not taken the necessary treatment. These are claimed to create a dangerous environment for the children.

However, the attorneys representing Amanda and Leo Ware state that the children showed no symptoms of abuse and they are healthy. Earlier, it was claimed that the deaths were due to an accident, and that they both Amanda and her boyfriend tried to get the kids out, but they could not.

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The Stabber Shot to Dead at the University of California

california death

On Wednesday, an 18 year old freshman at the University of California stabbed four people at the campus. He was shot to death by the police as he attacked a police officer with the knife, stated a fellow student. Faisal Mohammad, the student who stabbed four people was chased by an officer and he suddenly stopped to face the latter. Meghan Christopherson stated that Mohammad started walking towards the officer. Following this, the officer backed up telling him to get onto the ground and asking him if he wanted to get shot.

Despite the warning, Mohammad lunged, and Christopherson ran away. Later, she heard a couple of shots and saw the officer standing over the body of Mohammad. She claimed that the entire incident took place in just two minutes.

shoot deathAs per the investigators, Mohammad burst into one of the classrooms with a knife as he was expelled from a study group. Merced County’s Sheriff, Vern Warnke stated that on autopsy, a manifesto was found on Mohammad’s body. He had listed names of the intended targets in the manifesto. He had planned to tie these students to the desks and draw the police to steal one of the guns and shoot them. His hunting knife’s blade was eight to ten inches long, claimed the authorities.

However, his plan went haywire as people fought back. He got befuddled and finally led to his death. Warnke stressed that the stabbings made on Wednesday were not terrorism, but only a grudge of an angry teenager to take revenge. The four victims stabbed by hum are expected to survive.

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