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Month: November 2015

Louisiana: Two Officers Detained for 6 Year Old Boy’s Death

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In Louisiana, two officers were detained as they were involved in the death of a six year old boy. The boy was autistic, and he was killed in a shooting. Even the father of the boy was wounded as the marshals fired their vehicle on Tuesday night. The incident took place in Marksville and Col. Mike Edmonson revealed a few details about this shooting on Friday. As per the body camera footage recovered from the officers, he stated that it is the most disturbing incident that he has seen.

The six year old was shot and killed. Also, his father, Chris Few was injured as the officers released fire on their vehicle. This was done as Few was fleeing from the officers. As per the Louisiana State Police, the officers have used two different guns for 18 rounds of fire. The two officers who are detained are Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr. They are booked on the charges of attempted second degree murder and second degree murder as well in the shooting.

boy-killed-louisiana-shootingThe state’s police are investigating the shooting that took place on Tuesday night from the start. It was stated by Edmonson that there was no weapon in Few’s vehicle. They are combing through the 911 calls, forensics evidence, analysis of the body camera footage and conducting interviews. The reason for the shooting remains unclear, he stated.

Earlier, Avoyelles Parish coroner stated that the officers were handing a warrant on Few, but Edmonson claims that he had no idea of the warrant. Morris German, the stepfather of Few, has accused the marshals. He claimed that they had opened fire indiscriminately on the vehicle. He stated that Few was sedated heavily, and he is unable to talk. The bullet fragments have been lodged in his lung and brain, he claimed.

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