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Orthodontic Questions

Written on August 2, 2017   By   in Blog

At what age should someone come in for an exam?
We recommend that children have their first orthodontic appointment between the ages of seven and eight. If you are past that age, don’t worry! We have procedures designed specifically for adults, and as long as you have the desire for straight, aesthetically pleasing teeth, we’re the place for you!

Will any of this hurt?
At the start of treatment, it is not uncommon to have some irritation of the tongue, lips, or cheeks. This can be relieved with warm salt-water rinses 4-6 times a day and usually dissappears in a few days. Also, there may be some mild discomfort from tooth movement. If there is any pain, headache medicine such as Tylenol should help.

How long will I have to wear my braces?
Duration of treatment varies on the complexity of your case. Each case is different, but as a general guideline, our new technology allows us to reduce the typical 24-month treatment time to 18 months or less!

Will I still be able to play sports while in treatment?
Absolutely! Most of our teenage and adult patients participate in sports. The braces of tomorrow are designed with the activities of today in mind. There are a variety of mouth guards and protective appliances specially designed to protect your mouth and braces.

What foods should I avoid while in treatment?
While in treatment, it is important to minimize the consumption of foods that are high in sugar. We have also found that chewing on pens, pencils, fingernails, and hard, sticky, or chewy foods can damage your braces. Some aditional foods to avoid are: caramel, Tootsie rolls, Doritos, gum, taffy, and other foods of that nature. In addition, it is important to cut all foods into smaller, bite-sized pieces for consumption.

What should I do if a bracket comes loose or an appliance breaks?
If anything breaks or comes loose, please call our office as soon as possible to let us know and make schedule changes accordingly. If a bracket comes loose, you can attempt to isolate it and fix it into place using wax until you can be seen. If anything such as a retainer or any Phase I appliance break, please save the pieces so they may be repaired.

Do I still need to get my regular dental checkups?
Absolutely! We have a strong working relationship with out referring dentists. General hygiene is vital to the strength and cleanliness of your teeth. Regular brushing and flossing are necessary for your teeth to stary healthy and great-looking when your braces come off.braces

When my braces come off, will I have stains on my teeth?
Our smaller brackets make it easier to clean your teeth than normal braces, which means a lessened chance of staining. That’s one reason we developed the skills to use the braces we do–to keep your teeth in tip-top shape. With proper home care and regular visits to your family’s dentist, staining should not be a problem.

How much does it generally cost?
The cost of orthodontic treatment varies due to the type of treatment decided upon and the number of months necessary to complete treatment.

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