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Exterminate Roaches, Or Not – San Antonio Pest Control

Written on January 2, 2017   By   in Blog

To Exterminate Roaches, Or Not to Exterminate Them? That is the Question

If roaches live with you and you are reading this article, you must be trying to decide whether or not you need to get rid of them. Is it OK to keep living in the same space or should you hire an exterminator to get rid of the roaches? roach control visit our website

Let’s start with a detailed list of what roaches eat:


That type of diet is good and bad. First of all, its great for the environment. Roaches are natures way of keeping our planet clean. They eat dead plants, dead bodies, dead wood and anything else dead, including other dead roaches. They also eat anything rotten. Rotten food, trash, wood and rotted poop. That is great because someone needs to eat it to keep the world clean and I’m glad its not me.

The bad part is when the above is dinner and your bread is dessert.

Why is that bad?

Well, when roaches are consuming waste, they are also leaving their excrement on top of waste that will soon also be consumed. It doesn’t bother them to eat poo, either theirs or yours. But when they are eating your loaf of bread they are leaving behind their excrement on…tomorrow’s sandwich.

And that’s just the beginning.

Have you ever bought a new pair of shoes (heck, for that matter just decided to walk outside barefoot) and then had to be super careful not to step in mud, dirt, dog poop and other nasty items? Well, roaches don’t seem to care where they put their bare feet (or new high heel roach shoes).

Then, there they go, walking all over your food, cutting boards, pans, bowls and forks, leaving behind little, invisible roach foot prints of everything that hey have been walking in. Nice, huh?

This is why roaches are considered to be the most highly contaminating creatures in the known universe. (Rumors are that planet Kriptite has a bug ALMOST as bad.)

Now that you know that nothing is safe from these devouring machines, you can act accordingly.

You can start the process yourself just by removing trash, waste and exposed food from your house, but that won’t be enough. As soon as you hire a pro, they can give you more ideas as to what you can do to help them get rid of your unwanted guests.

You’ll need to hire a professional roach exterminator, since they have access to pesticides that will kill roaches on a massive scale. And that s really what you want.
So, give our Pest Control Specialists a call

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