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AC Repair Raleigh NC

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AC Repair Raleigh NC

The Air Conditioning Repair Guide Air Conditioning Repair Guide The official guide for Air Conditioning maintenance

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One of the Air conditioning repair companies that stand out the most in the air conditioning repair Raleigh NC business is the 20 years old Raleigh Heating & Air. Over the years, this company has expanded to now having over 26 employees with extensions to their main work building. All of Raleigh and the areas around such as Wake County and Wake Forest are all welcomed to be served. They updated their office and added a duct workshop. Raleigh Heating & Air is still family owned and plan to stay that way. They install and fix cooling, heating or indoor air quality systems and provide warranties. The employees they provide you with are well over qualified with long years of experience under their belt, along with all required licenses. At Raleigh Heating & Air, their aiming to please very customer that walks in the door. More here @

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Some of their products come from these high quality and well known brands: ClimateMaster, WaterFurnace, York, Mitsubishi, Amana, Goodman and Carrier.

Raleigh Heating & Air provide air conditioning service that includes maintenance, replacing, purchasing units, installation and repairing units. The service they would first recommend to you is to purchase a whole new air conditioner to guarantee you a quality indoor air system. For their maintenance plan, they offer a set routine for your home that will allow their great technicians to detect problems early before it becomes serious. The maintenance plan will include cleaning your air conditioner and replacing damage to your duct work.

The product they recommend the most is the ductless split system. It saves you everything from the time, money and maintenance. It includes a indoor and outdoor compressor unit. What makes the process of maintaining your air conditioner (ductless split system) much easier is multiple blowers included with it.

When people buy from this company, they usually choose central air conditioning systems. This kind requires duct work to be installed around the house. The brand new Raleigh Heating & Air duct workshop has the the best tools for the job. Rather you choose to go with this company or not, make sure that your ducts are installed professionally. If installed incorrectly, the whole system can lose a lot of energy.

Along with their duct workshop is their air duct cleaning service. Consider this service to prevent a reduction of cool air blowing out of your air conditioning system. Having your air ducts cleaned out regularly will reduce biological pollutants like fungi. Biological pollutants can make the family feel sick, especially for the people that have asthma. I would not attempt to clean out the air ducts alone. They are usually placed in a difficult spot, making it harder to clean out the particles. You might end up damaging the air ducts. For this job, professional help will be needed.

Trying to get a more eco-friendly air conditioner? You might want Raleigh Heating & Air to install a heat pump in your home. Heat pumps are not cheap. The higher the (HSPF) Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, the higher the price.

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