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Ben Carson Takes Over Donald Trump

Written on May 12, 2015   By   in Politics


A retired neurosurgeon named Ben Carson took over Donald Trump, who is a businessman. He made it to become the top pick of primary voters of the Republican, and to become the party’s presidential nominee. This result marks it for the first time when anyone other than Mr. Trump has made it to the GOP field. Around 29% of the primary voters ranked Carson as their first choice and other 23 % favored Trump.

Ben Carson Takes Over Donald TrumpFrom the top, other people in the list were Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Crux with 11% and 10% votes respectively. Around 8% preferred Jeb. Bush former Florida Gov. Not more than 3% votes were garnered to any other Republican. Since July, the support for Mr. Carson has almost tripled.

If the first and second choices of voters are combined, he is the first Republican to get more than 50% votes. His support grew consecutively since the campaign. Earlier, the Republicans who came to this position around four years ago are left behind by Carson’s performance.

Obama Taunts Republicans For Demanding Changes To Debates

Written on April 2, 2015   By   in Politics

Demanding Changes To Debates

Changes demanded by the Republicans in the way their debates were televised were mocked away by President Obama. It was further said by the President that they will not be able to deal with Russia and China properly if they cannot handle just a bunch of CNBC moderators.
It was then when President Obama was speaking at a fundraiser meeting for Democratic National Committee. This event was going on at Broadway’s Richard Rogers Theatre and later there were other musical performances. Later, a meeting was held between the Republicans who felt that the CNBC debate was organised to put the candidates against one another.
Later a three page letter requesting all candidates to get at least 30 seconds for their opening and closing statement was drafted. The letter also asked for permission to allow the candidates to get any graphics to be pre-approved. It also asked to disallow any lighting rounds.